FANTA wanted to engage teens in a new and exciting way, and reflect the personality of the brand by being more playful in our communication. FANTA PlayZone is an integrated campaign leveraging out of home, online, and social media, as well as mobile gaming, which invited teens to “play” with FANTA.

Key to the campaign was to use mobile as a channel facilitating interaction & ‘play’ across all media channels to generate engagement, and amplify teen interactions within social environments. This was achieved by leveraging all awareness building components of the campaign and encouraging teens to interact using their mobile devices.

A multiplatform mobile gaming app was developed, with location based challenges, and real-time image recognition and augmented reality technology, to deliver awesome, engaging user experiences, maximise participation with the core teen audience, and amplify the “play” message.

Three, custom built, exciting games were developed to engage our audience. The games were built to link creatively with all other channels, which ensured the same brand message was communicated, and designed to maximise the platform they run in, such as touchscreen and tilt features for smartphones. To drive downloads and maximise participation, a real time leaderboard was incorporated where weekly prizes were up for grabs.

Users interactions were synced to Facebook, where they could publish their scores on their Facebook wall allowing the campaign to be socialised and spread further within their networks. Users could also track their progress and standing on the leaderboard in the FANTA Facebook app, driving interest and competition amongst friends and strangers alike.

For a deeper experience teens could boost their score by using the FANTA app to interact with the outdoor campaign, running concurrently and situated in the places we know teens are hanging out and seeking entertainment. Using location based information within the app users were able to find any of the 2,692 outdoor panels located around Australia, and via their smartphones camera could “catch the crew”, where the crew member magically jumps into the user’s phone via augmented reality, and powered-up their gaming experience.

Not only did engaging with the outdoor panels help users boost their scores, getting the highest score in real-world locations (based on postcodes) enabled users to become rulers of their FANTA Zone and score bonus points.

Users could also publish their scores on their Facebook wall to boost their score, and digital badges are also awarded to users for further campaign engagement, and to encourage viral spread via social media sharing and challenging.

The end result was a truly integrated mobile campaign that ensured FANTA maximised the value and impact of all media channels as no execution was just a static brand message – all touch points drove interaction & participation, and created FANTA play in the lives of our teens.


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